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Mydra – Mydra – 1988

The name of the band:MYDRA. Their musical style;melodic heavy rock. The tittle of the debut album;««MYDRA»». The cover:science fiction fantasies. If a rock n’ roll espert were to receive only the above information,the computer in his head would probably turn out the following portrait of Hamburg’s newest rock group: MYDRA belong to that special rock business click,that tries to distract attention away from their limited creative potencial by resorting to themes and images from mythology,science ficton and phamtasy,presenting themselves on stage – in the appropriate outfits – as heroes of long-forgotten sagas.

But to avoid any misunderstandings:the band has nothing to do with such things. The five musicians refuse to be forced into the usual clichés. Placing little value on fashionable trends or superfluous gimmicks, leather uniforms and torn jeans have not beacame a part of MYDRA’S visual image. What counts is the music. When listen to MYDRA’S songs,do not expect to experience the familiar «that sounds just like…»«effect,because what you will hear is the result of MYDRA’S unique way of working,which stresses individuality as the decisive criterium.

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JAN-S. ECKERT (bass)

BERND FINTZEN (keyboards)

Para mim um album não precisa de muito para ser bom,se chegar aqui bem no interior e entrar em harmonia e prazer absoluto a ouvir está praticamente avaliado. Mydra tem essa capacidade e principalmente este album que é dele que se trata aqui,um album que não fica a dever nada a muitos outros de bandas muito mais conhecidas,e na minha opinião até melhor,não sendo o Hard&heavy ou Heavy&rock a minha praia,este album tem a capacidade de o considerar uma pérola e muito boa. Desde a sua existençia a City Rockers Radio divulga o e bem.